About Us

As a veteran of the field service industry since 1991, Brian created Dryer Tech to help teach people the importance of keeping their dryer running its best, but Brian always felt something was missing.  One day he was cleaning a dryer vent for a client and when we finished up while packing up his truck, little old lady from next door greeted Brian and asked how much he charged to clean a dryer vent.  When Brian told he the price she said that was too much for her to be able to afford.  So Brian cleaned her dryer vent and inside her dryer for free.  That is when FreeDryerVentCleaning.com was conceived.

America has been good to Brian and his family and he is now positioned to be able to give back to his community and help senior citizens avoid a lint build-up fire–for free.  Brian is licensed, bonded, and insured.  When you signup to have him clean your dryer vent you can be assure that an expert technician is working on your dryer.  Brian attends annual manufacturer training classes both locally and during national service conventions to help maintain his technical proficiency, and participates in technical discussions with other independent service providers to gain and share knowledge.

He is a graduate of David Douglas High School in Portland, holds a degree in electronic engineering technology from ITT Technical Institute, spent 10 years in the US Navy with the Cargo Handling Force, is a Master Certified Appliance Professional, a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician, and a licensed contractor. Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, is an avid reader when the time presents itself. Born and raised in Portland, Brian can’t think of a better place to live and work, but when given the opportunity, he does enjoy traveling with his wife.

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