Signup for Free Dryer Vent Cleaning

How Does our Program Work?

First, complete the form on this page to register for service.  You may fill out the form for yourself or for and friend or family member who qualifies for the program.

To qualify, the service recipient must be 65 years old or older and living independent in their own home.

Once in our system, we will call a head of time to let the home owner know we’ll be coming.  Appointment dates depend on schedule availability and can happen in a few days, weeks or months.  We intersperse free cleanign appointments with other dryer vent cleaning jobs in the same area: so we don’t know exactly when we’ll get out to clean the vents, just that it will happen with-in the next 12 months.

Free Dryer Vent Cleaning customers do not automatically get sign-ed up for repeat visits: after the cleaning the person needs to complete a new registration for free cleaning.  We do it this way to avoid any confusion on subscription programs–our program is as pure a community service project as can be.  We meet needs when the service is requested and don’t sign-up the senior for on-going service.

We know some seniors are internet challenged, so we encourage children, grand-childred (even great-grand-children) or other relatives/friends to sign-up independent seniors in their life for this free service.  HOWEVER< please notify the recipient that you’ve signed them up.  We don’t ask for an eMail address of the service recipient, unless you are the recipient–and only for internet security purposes.  When it comes time to schedule the appointment, we will call the service recipient.

If you have questions. please eMail our office at

Don’t Keep Us A Secret

Please share our service on your social channels and with your friends and family.  Since this service is free, we are not going live with paid advertising to get the word out…so we are counting on you to let independent seniors know there is a free dryer safety program that is dedicated to helping senior citizens avoid costly dryer lint fires.

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